About Us

Regional Development Studies Institute (RDSI) is a Non-Profit Organization in Albany, New York.

Regional Development Studies Institute is founded in 2019 and an interdisciplinary teaching and research institute that offers community-based education in humanities and social sciences. We work with national and international cultural organizations, businesses, and community spaces to offer a full curriculum of affordable seminars, conferences in subjects that range from philosophy to economics. Our faculty are scholars-pedagogues with a broad array of expertise acquired through their doctoral work, academic and popular writing, industry experience, and in the classroom itself. As a labor-forward organization, 70% of all tuition fees go to supporting RDSI faculty in their teaching and research endeavours.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@rdsinstitute.org

Staff & Board

Meet our President, Vice President, Chairman of Board of Directors, secretary, and other member who helps to run our organization. This non profit organization is stand for all volunteers hard work.


Kenan Dagci, Ph.D.

President, Co-Founder Member of Board of Directors
Kaan Diyarbakirlioglu

Kaan Diyarbakirlioglu, Ph.D.

Vice President, Co-Founder Member of Board of Directors
Sureyya Yigit

Süreyya Yigit, Ph.D.

Chairman of Board of Directors Co-Founder
Tuba Dagci

Gul Tuba Dagci, Ph.D.

Member of Board of Directors
Shinechimeg Khurelbaatar

Shinechimeg Khurelbaatar

Organizing Fellow

Tugcem Karaman

Organizing Fellow
Dolunay Dagci

Dolunay Dagci

Volunteer, Hudson Valley Community College Program Development
Baha Yilmaz

Baha Yilmaz

Organizing Fellow Program Development
Burcak Atar

Burcak Atar

Organizing Fellow Program Development


Our volunteers believe that they have to work free. They always fell happy to do something for the world.


Value of life is not in its duration, but it depends on how much you have donated others for their lives.


Care for each other can make happy together. Feeling careless to other people, they have also feel careless for you

Our Partners


Please contact us at info@rdsinstitute.org or use the contact form.